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To Measure

Rolls are measured by their width (x) by height (y) so if you measure 80, across and 60mm down your roll size is simply 80×60



Rolls come in 3 basic types.


Multi Ply



To see if your paper is thermal, drag you finger nail across the front of the paper, if it leaves a distinctive black line then it is thermal.



Rolls bought from some retailers can appear to be “full” but they are not tightly wound and can in fact have less than 50% of a normal roll.

Also some rolls are made of a cheaper paper, this can leave dust and debris in the printer. This will shorten the life of your equipment and can cause lock ups, crashes and total failure.


Programming Guide

Her you can download a useful Excel document to help with supply of programming details to ourselves if you have ordered a new EPoS system – DOWNLOAD HERE

Cabling Help

A guide to help with wiring for your new EPoS system – DOWNLOAD

YouTube Tutorials

A link to our On-Line video help tutorials. LINK


Here are a selection of Manuals for our range of EPoS & Cash Registers


Including all the Sales Mode & Back Office functionality
Download the full Jupiter manual HERE


Apollo has 2 manuals
Download the Sales Mode Manual HERE or
Download the Back Office Manual HERE