EPoS Guide

What Is EPoS

EPoS Stands for Electronic Point of Sale and although this could mean any modern Cash Register it has come to stand for any point of sale that has advanced functionality, touch screen and usually PC based.
Modern EPoS usually allows a basic easy to use sales mode with an advanced back office and often linked to a cloud system.
Sometimes buying an EPoS system can also be a bit daunting as the terminology can be alien and the costs can seem large.
A good EPoS supplier will always provide free demonstrations and hassle free quotes.


Why EPoS?

The investment in an EPoS System can be large, the cost can be initially off putting but if we consider the benefits most often than not the system pays for itself in a short term.
EPoS allows you to track a wide variety of areas including stock, operators, customers, cash flow and more. Tracking every individual clerk, their sales and activity can be used to immediately trace any unscrupulous activity and stop it. Stock checks are a great way of also keeping track of theft / mistakes. This alone can recoup a huge part of the systems initial cost.
Even the best operator can still make the most basic mistakes, a price of beer at £3.50 accidentally gets typed in as 35p, The wrong change is given, an order is put in to a supplier when you already have more than enough stock or simply lost revenue through not putting items on checks. EPoS aims to stop this as much as possible by having the prices pre-set and the stock holding available at the touch of a button.


Added Sales
At a busy bar / shop its sometimes easy to forget to up-sell, EPoS makes this easy and can even be made compulsory. So the server is forced to ask the customer – “Do you want a sauce with your steak” or ” Do you need batteries?”
Entering prices manually, looking up prices, taking orders on pen & paper, queues at the cash register etc can all stop the flow of customers at the point of sale. EPoS can help speed up all of this and make the point of sale less congested and allow quicker service to the customer


Added Features

Stock Control

Track your stock by individual items, view current stock holding, order from suppliers, track spend and perform stock takes with ease.

Customer Loyalty

Award your best customer, promote to others. Issue points for spends or simply give a discount on each sale. Cards can be used to promote your business and allows you to report on customers.

Kitchen Printing

Send orders direct from the point of sale OR a tablet at the table immediately to the printer in a kitchen / servery. Orders are easy to read, mistakes are cut down and speed of operation is improved.


Run a wide variety of promotions such as Buy On Get One Free, Happy Hours, 3 for a fiver, January Sales and many more.

Check Tracking

Checks can be used for Tables, outside tables, rooms, customer accounts, locals, staff or simply to hold a sale.


Multiple Terminals

Sales can be started on a terminal say in the bar, picked up and added to on a tablet and then finalised on a waitress station. The sales can then be viewed on any terminal or PC or even on the cloud via an internet connection.


One of EPoS`s biggest features is the ability to drill down your sale. Find you best sellers, track non sellers, view staff activity, find you stock holding, hourly reports and many more.


EPoS can track staff sales, reward with commission, help them trace mistakes and run a clocking in/out system to report hours worked.

Link to Credit Cards

Linking to a credit card terminal allows you to finalise the sale and pass the sub total to the terminal instead of having to type in the figures, this in turn cuts down mistakes and speeds up operation. Some terminals even allow you to call up a table/room bill and print from the credit card terminal itself.




Front Desk Links

Many EPoS systems can link to Hotel and Restaurant front desk booking systems. This allows seamless integration, for example you can sell products to a room booked on a hotel system or link in with an on-line table booking system to seat customers when they arrive.

Cloud Systems

If you require access to your data when away from site then you may want to look at an EPoS system that can link to a cloud system. This allows you to view sales, change products, order stock and much more from anywhere you can get an internet browser open.


To promote your business and drive footfall you may consider selling vouchers. A good EPoS system will allow you to sell, track and redeem vouchers. This can be via printed vouchers, plastic magnetic cards or more recently RFID contactless cards.

3rd Party PlugIns

There are a variety of add-ons that can drive your System forward. Ordering Apps, E-Commerce, Electronic Wallets, Accounts Software and much more.

Buying EPoS

Its important when making a large investment to consider some points.

■Does the software have all the features you need, if not what is the development scope of the software

■Will the hardware last – we expect a terminal to last over 7 years so is the terminal your about to purchase up to the task, does the manufacturer have a good reputation?

■Will the hardware last – we expect a terminal to last over 7 years so is the terminal your about to purchase up to the task, does the manufacturer have a good reputation?

■What is the support like? If your screen dies on a Saturday morning, how long will your system be out of action?

■How long will the training last and what if you need more?

■Will the install be extra?

■Are there any hidden monthly fees either immediately or after the first year.

■Do you own the equipment after a set time

■What is the structure of the company your buying from and where are they based?