Cloud Solutions

All of LCR Systems EPoS Software platforms have the ability to link to a Cloud Platform.
What Is Cloud?

The cloud is simply the ability to store your sales data , programming data etc on the internet to be accessed anywhere you can access a web browser.

Why use the Cloud

As well as being able to change products/prices etc from anywhere, the Cloud allows you to view reports, view sales, access clerk information, track sales trends and much more from any internet point.



  • Stock Control
  • Add Products
  • Change Prices
  • Control Promotions
  • Change Screens
  • Add/Change Clerk & Security
  • Voucher Control
  • Customer Editing
  • View Reports
  • Live Dashboards
  • Trace Best / Worst Sellers
  • Track Operator Activity
  • Live Cash Flow
  • A4 Reporting
  • Excel Integration
  • .. Loads more!